Top 5 Music Apps For Your Mobile Device

Music somehow has become the essential part that nothing could be replaced from our lives. With different periods, people have their own ways to enjoy music. For example, phonograph was a very popular music player device in the late 1800s. Then, the 1900s came with the domination of stereos, cassette tapes, walkman, CDs and MP3 players. Nowadays, we can easily discover the variety of music just with our smartphones.

5 Best Music Apps

As you all know, with the development of technology, there are numerous music apps available for mobile devices. These magnificent apps will provide different ways to your listening-to-music time as well as make it a great experience. Considered as the ultimate music-discovery tool, you now can use these apps to create your personal music library, explore new artists, identify songs and do whatever you like with utmost ease. In this article, 104.7 The Point presents 5 best music apps worth your download. If you are a discerning music lover, read on.

1. Spotify

The first choice of 104.7 The Point is Spotify, for sure. This tool is a great way to discover and listen to music legally. With a great collection of over 30 million tracks, you can put all of your favorite songs in one place and later you can play them again. Besides, you and your friends can collaborate to create a very unique playlist using the drag-and-drop window. Also, Spotify lets you follow artists, stream tracks for free and sync music from your music library. In case the artists you are following release new albums or if your playlist is updated, the app will give you notifications.

2. Shazam

When it comes to finding songs, Shazam with its digital ear is the ultimate choice. According to 104.7 The Point, this is a special music discovery app. Not only identifying the song that’s being played and the artist, Shazam can also help you add songs to your Spotify playlist. Now, with this app, the story of not knowing the song’s name in order to find it will stop forever.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio Music App

For music lovers looking for a radio app, then 104.7 The Point suggests iHeartRadio. This app, absolutely free, offers many convenient features allowing you to tune in any nearby radio stations easily. Moreover, based on your music library (favorite songs and artists, categories, genres, etc.), iHeartRadio lets you customize your very own music stations as well as share them with other users. Interestingly, there are random-built playlists based on activities and moods, so picking songs for different occasions is not difficult anymore.

4. SoundCloud

For the fourth choice, 104.7 The Point recommends SoundCloud. Aside from popular artists, this app lets you listen to big hits from other users. A wide collection of trending audio tracks is always available for streaming, so you will surely find anything interesting to listen to anytime. More greatly, you can also record your own audio right through SoundCloud and then upload it to share your voice to the world.

5. Tune In

Most of the staff of 104.7 The Point did install Tune In for their smartphones. This music streaming tool, with a library of over 35 million tracks, provides you a space to discover the music you love, create, share and download playlists at your fingertips. Also, with the lyric feature, you can have a fun sing-a-long time with your friends.

More interestingly, not only for music lover, Tune In is also a great app for people who love listening to spiritual guidance and insights. There are many psychic radio channels to choose from, from getting absolutely free psychic reading , occult of personality to messages from the other side. Get your life delighted with this awesome app!

All these music apps here are compatible with both Android and iOS devices!

Top 5 Music Apps For Your Mobile Device
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