#1 Psychic Source Reviewed [2018 Updated] – (Fake Readings? Big Scam? Any promo codes?)

Are you unable to find the answer to burning questions in your life?

Don’t know where to turn for some clarity in the future?

Maybe you’ve thought about having a psychic reading before, yet you’ve been also not really sure what to expect. If you agree to this, we have something in common!

When mentioning the “psychic” word, the very first thing crossing your mind is, “is the psychic legitimate or just a joke?” Besides, still some typical questions that you often wonder, like “is the psychic reading worth my investment?” or “how can I be sure that it is not a scam?

At least once, I bet you’ve asked yourself these inquiries…actually we all did.

The point is – if you know a place where you can interact with real-deal, reliable and genuine psychics, you would never have to worry about such things.

Is psychic source the best place offering psychic readings

Is psychicsource.com the best place offering psychic readings.

It would be much comfortable to approach the psychic reading with a positive mind if you are able to deal with an honest, trustworthy advisor who will come up with insightful answers for your current situation.

Have you visited Psychic Source before?

Through this article, I give you my detailed Psychic Source review which will help you have a comprehensive perspective of the Psychic Source Network. There, the service is designed to be easy and straight-forward for your approach.

Check and see if this place is right for you!

2018 Special Offers at Psychic Source:

Looking a totally FREE reading before the first purchase, newcomers? Well, you’re very lucky today!

Also, Psychic Source offers the new customers a coupon of a discounted reading with the very low rate ($1 per minute), plus 3 first minutes are free!

Gain In-Depth Look into Psychic Source Network and Their Advisors

Before I dig deeply into Psychic Source for in-depth information, here are a few things you must know if you are planning to get a psychic reading. Especially to those who are new to the psychic realm, the following facts will help you determine how to approach a reading appropriately.

have an in depth look into psychic source review

Have an in depth look into psychic source review.

So, what you should consider?

  • Go through thorough research for the legitimate psychic service and a good psychic
  • Read reviews of a psychic’s past clients or ask someone you know who’ve experienced the spiritual reading online for a referral
  • Search for a spiritual consultant specializing in the reading type
  • Feel comfortable to end a session with a psychic if you sense something is not right

Who Can Approach a Psychic Reading?

Keep in mind that only individuals with an open mind is able to gain the most from a psychic reading.

If you are craving to discover as well as learn more new things about yourself, both of your professional life and personal life, then you should consider purchasing a reading.

Who Cannot Approach a Psychic Reading?

In case you are skeptical and keep thinking negatively toward the psychic reading service, I recommend that you shouldn’t try to approach this experience.

Even the most professional advisor cannot maintain the connection with your energy if you close your mind. Once the whole process is interrupted, the psychic is unable to deliver you an accurate reading.

Don’t look for the assistance from psychic readings if you are not ready, or you’re just wasting your money.

What is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is a network where anyone can access for the support of a psychic. They come up with a vast selection of psychic advisors that deliver various types of readings over the phone, through online chat or via live video chat.

Considered as one of the most renowned psychic networks, Psychic Source has been in the business for over 25 years, with a 100% money back guarantee on all readings.

Similar to California Psychics, Psychic Source is the home of many reputable, precise online psychics. Most of them possess the power that even goes beyond their psychic gifts. On the other hand, what makes Psychic Source different from California Psychics is; chat readings and phone readings are available there.

Since the early days of the Internet, Psychic Source was one of the first websites coming up with the idea of interacting with a real psychic behind the computer. Its virtual readings, put it simply, have been informed to people over the world for two decades.

Just glancing at its reputation and reliability, Psychic Source really deserves to be on the top over six years.

Once accessing the Psychic Source website, you’ll see a list of many psychic types that you’re in need of including clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, Tarot readers, dream interpretators, and so on.

How Does Psychic Source Work?

Basically, the readings at Psychic Source will be delivered completely online and by telephone.

Keep in mind that you only can get the reading at psychicsource.com when creating an account. Become an active member there and use a credit (debit) card, gift card or money order to put your money in to the account.

Quite different from other online services, Psychic Source applies the pre-paid method – this means you must pre-pay for a session.

Normally, other places require you to input the information needed for the payment after registering for a psychic reading. But, in this website, the money will have to be added up in your account after finished the registration.

Next, go with the psychic you’d like to have a reading with.

Once your reading comes to an end, the cost for the whole session will be taken away from your account.

Do Psychics share your information?

NEVER – Remember that none of your personal information is kept on to share with psychics of the network. All they know is your name, the customers’ review and length of time.

Find the perfect psychic for you

This psychic company, as mentioned earlier, provides a wide selection from advisors, specialities, types of readings, styles of reading and divination tools.

Once having an account, simply go to Psychic Source – they, with the filter feature, help you choose through the list of available psychics with much ease.

What are you in need at this moment? Think about it and quickly filter the options below:

SpecialtiesReading StyleSubject and ExpertisePsychic Tools
Career PsychicCompassionateLove and RelationshipsAngel Cards
ClairvoyanceThoughtful Career and Finance Astrology
ClairaudientWiseLoss and GrievingNumerology
ClairsentientDirectLife Meaning and DestinyTarot
Psychic Medium ExpressiveLife QuestionsCartomancy
Energy Healing Dowsing
Intuitive / Empath Reiki / Healing
Love Psychic Crystals
Pet Psychic

Tips to Attain a Good Psychic Reading

pros and cons of getting an online psychic reading

Pros and cons of getting an online psychic reading.

What I like most about Psychic Source is certainly its availability and usability to get a reading done. Come to this place and you’ll find several ways of reading that the spiritual advisor can deliver to a person, 24/7.

  1. Make a direct call: You can contact with your desired advisor by phone.
  2. Call back: After a reading, ask the psychic for a call back if you want more clarity; this service brings ultimate convenience.
  3. Live chat: Via the webcam, you can your preferred psychic can interact together comfortably.
  • Great reputation with over 25 years in business
  • All of the Psychic Source advisors did experience a strict screening process for their reading ability
  • Offering the user-friendly interface
  • Psychics are very flexible about time – just make a contact and they will give you a reading whenever you would like, at any where
  • New customers will get a reading with only $1/min introductory rate
  • Earn at least 3% reward dollars after purchasing each reading, as a membership
  • Money back guarantee
  • The Psychic Source customer service is excellent; that team of dedicated individuals will deal with any of your questions or concerns
  • Charitable donations that any member can roll in
  • Psychics at Psychic Source work only via chat and by phone, so the chance of meeting any of them in person is zero
  • This is the place of many best psychics, like Psychic Source Bridgette; a session done by the top-rated reader will cost you a lot – up to $12 per min for a reading
  • Some psychics are slow typists
  • Do not accept Paypal as a payment method

By the way, many come to this network for completely free readings.

So, what are the good and the bad of getting free psychic readings?

Types of Readings that Psychic Source is Offering

Many people say that Psychic Source has always been the best psychic network, not only because its reputation but also its variety.

As you can see from the table above, depend on each life question that you are expecting the answer, there many quite numerous types of readings found in the Psychic Source network.

solve your problems with various types of readings

Solve your problems with various types of readings.

Have a check now!

Psychic Medium ReadingsPast Life ReadingsAstrology ReadingsTarot cards readingsSpiritual ReadingsEmpath ReadingsClairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient Readings

What can be more depressed and difficult than bearing the death of your loved ones!

Naturally, when our loved on is no longer with us, we often wish to have more time with them or at least an opportunity to see and express our inner feelings the last time to them, letting them know how their existence influenced our lives greatly.

Spiritually, a psychic medium can help you fulfill this desire.

During a medium psychic reading session, a medium will do the “channeling” work, while awakening their extraordinary gift, to connect people of this physical world with entities from the spirit world.

I highly recommend this reading for those who are hoping for closure after experiencing the inconsolable grief because their beloved passed away. A reading with real mediums at Psychic Source can help you realize that your loved ones are having a good life after death, and lead you to the path of happiness.

This is the reading focusing on reincarnation, which the advisor will predicate on it to unveil significant things about you.

These patterns are believed to probably follow you from your past life. Your psychic expert will see if they are impacting your life aspects in the present, such as relationships and motivations; then they come with a precise prediction of who you really are at this moment.

Much complicated than a horoscope reading, a reading using astrology will let an individual knows what is going to happen in your future, as well as a glimpse into your past and present.

A detailed, honest astrology reading includes various elements from the sun, moon and other planets. Based on one’s date of birth and time, the astrologer will hone in important patterns in the birth chart for genuine forecasts.

Are you suffering from all kinds of life issues, from relationships, career, family to career? If you do need assistance from the Spiritual Force, then indulge in a Tarot reading. The cards’ pictures, symbols and meanings will deliver spiritual messages, helping you find solutions for your problems.

Love Tarot reading is done commonly at Psychic Source.

This most popular subject will cover all the heart’s matters. If you have any burden question about your current relationship, ask Psychic Source Therese – a reliable Tarot reader – and you’ll gain the most helpful and insightful answer.

For people who are seeking the guidance in the love life, the Tarot reading for love romance is certainly an excellent option.

This service can be done online or through telephone!

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?

With the assistance of a spiritual reading, you will achieve deeper understanding about your existence in this universe. During the session, your spiritual psychic will show you several mysterious components playing a vital role in revealing the truth about you and people surrounding you in life.

They also come up with the undeniable reason that ties all of us down.

Whenever approaching this reading, your Psychic Source psychic, by connecting with your energy, will tell more about your relation with the spiritual realm. Open both your heart and mind to figure out your very own personal uniqueness.

What can an intuitive psychic or empath help you?

When you get connected to an empath, they are able to tap into your underlying emotions. Tell them honestly about your current circumstance, emotions and moods at certain periods, and your empath will give you enlightening insight.

In addition, they will let you know how your inner feelings are affecting different aspects of your life.

This type of reading will be highly recommended for customers who just went through hard time emotionally, as well as those expecting solutions for their life’s stressors or conflicts.

Not all psychics are gifted with the same ability. In fact, through the extrasensory perception, there are many abilities allowing the psychic to gain perceptive information into a person’s past, present and future.

In a clairvoyant reading, you will be connected with a clairvoyant. Quite familiar, right? This is the psychic who has the “third eye” to intuitively see through your life. Then they will give you an inference regarding your future and encouraging insight to solve your issues and urgent questions.

Clairaudient and clairsentient can be seen as other variations of clairvoyant:

  • Those who are born with an extraordinary ability to hear voices of spirits from the other side are clairaudients.
  • If you are gifted with the ability to feel or sense something that is unusual, you are called a clairsentient.

These psychics are really the master in communicate with the spirit world. They can make contact with the deceased in spirits, spirit guides, angels or other entities that may follow you throughout your lifetime.

If you are searching for the reading with a clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient, go to Psychic Source immediately.

As you can see, this network has no limitation.

You will get an excess of readings at Psychic Source with a group of advisors whose spiritual gifts all have been qualified. These versatile psychics are well-informed and proficient in delivering any type of reading.

What Makes Psychic Source Distinctive?

Compared to other networks out there, Psychic Source has gathered plenty of unique features:

special features that make psychic source unique

Special features that make psychic source unique.
Affordable Intro RatePsychic Profiles in DetailPricing of AdvisorsMembership Rewards and BonusesCharity Donations

If you are new customers, there are many amazing treats you’ll be offered at this place, like a totally free psychic reading. However, you must be very quick to be able to receive the psychic source free reading, since the advisors offer it within the limited time.

Besides, take full advantage of your first time signing up to get the 30-minute psychic reading for only $30, which means $1 per minute.

These days, not many psychic sites provide you enough information related to the psychic you want to make interaction. But, you can be satisfied with Psychic Source because its ultimate goal is to ensure you to obtain more details about the one that you plan to work with before purchasing a charged reading.

You will find all the detailed availability information of an advisor in each profile, plus a lot of reviews written by customers who have received that advisor’s readings.

The in-depth profile for the psychic lineup offered by Psychic Source will assure you gain certain knowledge and know more about each individual before starting the session with them.

The rates on Psychic Source are mainly based on a psychic expert’s experience level and the duration of a certain reading.

Therefore, determining the pricing of a reading with each psychic is no longer a difficulty. They will tell you at the beginning of the session or a call.

Many psychics are available for $1 every minute; nonetheless, some even charge pretty expensive – up to $10 for every minute of a reading.

The downside is, Psychic Source does not accept Paypal.

The payment transferred directly from a Paypal account will not be accepted. Fortunately, the payment can be done successfully if you use either the Paypal pre-paid MasterCard or the Paypal gift card.

If you do want to spend your Paypal funds on a psychic reading, then visit Kasamba – this network accepts the payment from Paypal.

Please notice this – you will see a pop-up option displayed after the registration process, suggesting you enrolling in the membership rewards program for free.

Once you agree to join, you will receive at least an extra $3 added to the account. Additionally, this program will also give you a $5 bonus when you sign up for the rewards as well.

In case you find the extra e-mail stuff annoying, simply uncheck and decline.

The Psychic Source network also impresses me with its charity program.

You get to choose from three different charities when signing up. With each charity you’ve selected to participate in, Psychic Source will take out 1% of the money in your account for the donation.

After all the insight, clarity and answers you’ve attained for your need in life, this is such a great way to give back.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This could surely boost your confidence in visiting this psychic company. Of course, Psychic Source has a money-back guarantee, like any other service. But, interestingly, they offer the most generous guarantee.

When receiving a reading, the seeker can terminate the session at any time if feeling unhappy with your chosen advisor or the way they are doing. Once cut off the conversation, you should contact the customer service right away and talk about your concerns.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Psychic Source makes sure you’ll get the refund immediately.

Why this place has the most generous guarantee? While other networks add only a certain amount back to your account, Psychic Source gives you the exact amount of money you paid before.

Well, many of Psychic Source reviews are incredibly positive – one of the reasons is coming from the money-back guarantee.

Will you receive your money back if unable to make any connection?

The answer is “yes“!

This psychic network ensures to give you their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

During your chat reading as well as phone reading, tap “*” to stop the session if you feel that you are unable to connect with the psychic, or the psychic seems to be not intuitive enough, at any time.

Check out Special Introductory Offers

psychic source has many special introdutary offers

Psychic source has many special introdutary offers.

People who start using Psychic Source for the first time surely will not know what they want and what they need. Without any experience, it’s really hard to obtain the most from a psychic reading.

Then, what should you do?

You are highly recommended to test the advisor’s abilities before asking them to take you to a charged private reading. This company has prepared some special offers that any newcomer can take full advantage of.

$1 per Minute Rate for New Users

The $1 per minute offer is considered as the best introductory deal that one can find when visiting Psychic Source. For first-time clients, you will have a 30-minute reading which does not include three absolutely free minutes.

So, put it simply, you can get a psychic reading up to 33 minutes for just $30. Choose your gifted advisor through a group of highly-rated spiritual readers.

Much amazingly, your reading could get started with only 91 per minutes, such a very low price. Be ready to participate in an intuitive session with a thoroughly-vetted clairvoyant who’s gained many great reviews from customers.

If you aren’t happy, Psychic Source ensures to give you 100% money-back guarantee.

The standard amount of time for an introductory reading is 30 minutes; still, you can shorten the reading duration if you’d like to.

3 Totally Free Minutes

Another benefit of taking part in Psychic Source is – the amount of your psychic reading time will be added three more free minutes.

For newcomers, you can make use of this time at the beginning of readings with every new advisor. The three minutes are not long but basically can help you form a connection with the reader. Make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen reader; otherwise, the reading cannot work.

This means Psychic Source gives you the chance to bring a reading halfway to an end immediately without money costing.

Besides, these three free minutes can be used to test the typing speed of an advisor, especially if you doubt whether your psychic is a slow typist.

Other Options besides Psychic Source

    • Oranum:

      Though the screening process is not as good as Psychic Source, each Oranum psychics do have to go through strict testing in order to give clients accurate psychic readings. Oranum focuses on online chat, live video chat via webcam, and email readings.

Click or tap here to visit Oranum!

    • AskNow:

      Similar to Psychic Source, AskNow offers a large number of genuine, trustworthy psychics. All of them are gifted with different psychic abilities. AskNow mainly delivers readings via phone and web chat. AskNow can serve your needs very well, so simply access there for a Psychic reading if having chances.

Click or tap here to visit AskNow!

    • KEEN:

      KEEN is another reputable psychic source, next to Psychic Source, even though they are not comprehensive enough. Compared to Psychic Source, KEEN has fewer psychics, and each charges their readings quite a bit expensive. Anyway, ending up with a KEEN psychic reading is still good for you.

Click or tap here visit KEEN!

Conclusion – Is Psychic Source Legit?

psychic source is a trustworthy place to gain clarity

Psychic source is a trustworthy place to gain clarity.

Finding the psychic service online includes both strengths and weaknesses.

On one hand, the searching process can be done quickly and conveniently, and you have plenty of choices. On the other hand, hundreds or thousands of results will certainly confuse you. It is challenging to know if your psychic reading is real or, if you are talking to a quality psychic reader or just a scammer.

Hence, your purpose of reading this review is to figure out whether Psychic Source is truly a legitimate source for us to gain insight and guidance, right?

The answer is, obviously, an unambiguous YES.

You ask for the evidence? Well, in case you don’t believe in the precision of the advisors at Psychic Source, then you shouldn’t ignore the 100% satisfaction guarantee feature.

Think about it, not any swindled company promises you such an incredible thing. In general, this network is definitely a first-rate place to explore all of your possibilities in life through psychic readings.

And surely you will gain a lot of benefits from a psychic chat reading!

For customers who get tired with the face-to-face psychic readings, it’s time to make the transition to readings through telephone. Psychic Source has come up with a format in which the spiritual expert enables to form a strong connection quickly and easily with a truth seeker in an up close and personal environment.

Before my Psychic Source review comes to an end, I just want to emphasize (again) that you can expect a psychic reading from a gifted, compassionate and sincere advisor. They will give the honest advice and guidance helping you overcome all different obstacles and difficulties in life that you’re currently facing.

Have any though of getting a live chat reading or a reading by phone at this moment? Don’t be afraid to begin your journey at Psychic Source!

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