Overview of Health Radio Shows

When it comes to radio, many people just think about music. However, you may forget that there are numerous radio stations divided into various categories, from music, sports news, political news to health. These days, just install the radio app on your mobile device and you can follow any piece of information of certain topics you are interested in.

Overview of Health Radio Shows

Today, for individuals who want to get information related to the general health, wellness, fitness as well as medical via the radio app, 104.7 The Point will present some good, informative health radio shows. These interactive health talk shows share the same purpose – that is helping the listeners focus on staying healthy. The audio content will cover the topic of health, wellness, body and mind, and well-being. Health shows are mostly hosted by experienced, well-known professors and doctors from different colleges and universities, as you probably know.

Many of you, while streaming the live audio, can join the conversation or even ask the host questions. There are two options – listening to full length health radio shows in real time or downloading the program for listening on-the-go. The radio app will automatically move downloaded files to your audio library.

There are, according to 104.7 The Point, many good, convenient radio apps available for download free. It’s time to find BEST radio apps of 2017 for your iPhone as well as other smartphones and devices.

Check out Top Health Radio Shows

Top Health Radio Shows

With the purpose of giving people advice on living a more healthful life, health radio shows, as days go by, have attract more and more listeners. To date, these programs have a large number of streams in the world. They provide health-related content, specifically today’s health needs, to their radio audiences. Sharing all the health news and information will improve our knowledge about general health and also develop healthy communities and environment. Most of news content daily about health are very useful, practical and easy to understand.

Below, have a look at the list of top health radio shows, presented by 104.7 The Point:

  • To Your Good Health Radio by Dr. David Friedman
  • Your Health® Radio by Dr. Adam Goldstein and Dr. Cristy Page
  • Health Radio FM by Tammy-Lynn McNabb
  • Blog Talk Radio (Health section) by Alan Levy and Bob Charish
  • RadioMD by Dr. Michael Roizen
  • The Intelligent Medicine Radio by Dr. Ronald Hoffman
  • Doctor Health Radio by David Snow
  • Positive Talk Radio by Healthy Life Team
  • Healthy Talk Radio by Dr. Michael Smith
  • Prescriptions for Health Radio by Dr. Len Saputo and Dr. Nurse Vick

All the health radio shows above often feature health experts who will inform a variety of health topics which its info helps you stay strong. These stations can be found at any radio app, even 104.7 The Point. Now, with only a touch, you are able to listen to what you want anytime and anywhere on your device.

Overview of Health Radio Shows
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