Find BEST Radio Apps of 2017 for iPhone

When it comes to streaming the music, isn’t Spotify the first app crossing your mind? The thing is that it is not the only music app created for iPhone. Nowadays, if you visit the App Store, you’ll find a lot of radio apps available for download. But, as a matter of fact, not all of the apps are good – that’s where you need the advice. Here, take a look at the list of best radio apps for iPhone, presented by 104.7 The Point.

Best Radio Apps of 2017 for iPhone

With the development of technology, no surprisingly apps have transformed radio. Back then, thanks to traditional radio stations, you could approach new songs, music genres and artists. These days, Internet radio apps have become a brilliant way for all music lovers to access the audio stream. Not only to listen to music, you can activate radio apps to follow postcasts, sports news and other interesting radio shows. If you have a great demand on this music service, we’d love to introduce 5 amazing radio apps of 2017 which could turn your iPhone into a convenient portable radio.

1. TuneIn

TuneIn Radio Pro, according to 104.7 The Point, is designed for radio streams. This app offer many worth-listening stations of various categories (music, sports, news, audio books, etc.) You can subscribe the stations you care about to keep up with new information per day, or just simply do the record for later play back. Although TuneIn is not a dedicated podcast app, it is still a great consideration for radio fans just starting their journey in the world of podcasts.

More interestingly, if you are people who are learning about the spiritual realm, check out the Psychic station of TuneIn. You can easily find plenty of podcasts related to spirituality and psyche topics, such as free psychic chat , Psychic Love Doctor, The Psychic Coffee Shop, and so on.

2. Pandora

Pandora Radio App

The second choice of 104.7 The Point is Pandora Radio. This app allows you to listen to all genres of music for absolutely free. Just create a free account and you can create your very own Pandora station by customizing the music based on your tastes, favorite genres and artists, or mood. Also, in case you aren’t able to keep up with songs that are being played or forget to rate a track; then, see the history of your station. In general, Pandora is an inexpensive option for casual radio fans.

3. Stitcher

Stitcher Radio app is, overall, a must-have for any iOS radio listeners. 104.7 The Point rated it as the simplest and most comprehensive radio app. Although it is a podcast player, you can only stream podcasts, not download. Freely search your favorite radio stations or create your own playlists of various categories (music, artists, comedy, political, and more). Based on your selection, Stitcher will provide several options of live shows relevant to what you might love to see or care about.

4. Slacker

104.7 The Point chooses Slacker Radio as the fourth choice. Although it is not as good as Spotify, Slacker does have some stand-out advantages making it as one of top 5 radio apps here. This tool allows you to customize your personal playlists, based on artists, songs, or albums, to fit your taste. Furthermore, Slacker provides more than just music – it also features customizable comedy, news and sports stations.

5. 8Tracks

The last app closing this list is 8Tracks Radio. From what 104.7 The Point said, this radio app offer radio listeners an awesome space to discover new music as well as create and share playlists. From independent rock, mix-tapes, electronic, hip-hop to anything you are in the mood for, over 2 million audio tracks are available for your cool music collections.

Go to App Store and you’ll easily install any of these radio apps for your iPhone!

Find BEST Radio Apps of 2017 for iPhone
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