Absolutely Free Psychic Reading by Phone (2018 Updated)

Find Out Where to Get Absolutely Free Readings Psychic in 2018Find out where to get the best free readings psychic absolutely.

Are you looking for a psychic reading no credit card required for REAL?

The thing is, there are numerous websites offering the absolutely free psychic reading and you can’t make a decision.

We totally get it.

At certain times, you do need enlightening guidance from an external force (family, friends, or the Divinity).

But, do you know just a talk with a professional psychic can shed a light into your life?

In this article, you are about to discover top 5 popular psychic networks where can provide you brilliant services like a completely free psychic reading and empowering advice you need.

The Most Favorite Online Psychic Sites in July, 2018 (Quick Picks)

Unable to follow the full topic?
No need to worry, here I’ve picked out three best websites offering the real 100% absolutely free psychic reading online:

– The most unique psychic network working as a global spiritual community which focuses on psychic readings by webcam, live chat and email.

– Here is the network providing a large selection of psychics as well as a wide variety of spiritual readings.

– The best psychics that you can’t find at other places.

Check out Ratings to BEST 5 Psychic Reading Networks List

Actually, finding a free 10-minute psychic reading online is really a challenge, especially with those who are just into the psychic realm recently. If you have no experience, it might be overwhelming to distinguish between authentic psychics and fake spiritual advisors.

Do real psychics exist? The answer is – definitely yes!

Top 5 Psychic Networks here are reputable companies which you can trust and make connection with legitimate, honest and accurate psychics. I’ve used the service of over 10 psychic websites, reviewed the psychic hiring process as well as tested psychics’ business practices there. After a long evaluating day, I finally come up with a detailed list of best 5 psychic networks available on the Internet.

















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$10 for
15 min.


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$1.9 for
10 min.


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3 min.


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(*Last update: July 5, 2018)

You are, recently, having pressing issues in life, aren’t you? Sometimes you find it hard to talk about those things to the closest people. Instead, you may want to gain clarity through individuals who are gifted with incredible psychic abilities. Maybe the spiritual guidance is all you need at this moment.

Plenty of websites offer psychic readings online for 100% free including love readings, Tarot readings, astrology readings, past life readings and even dream analysis. With a wide range of options, where should you star?

Here’s the deal:

In order to find the best online readings no charge, you must know what to look for as well as how to recognize a real psychic. Otherwise, the whole process can be quite daunting.

But don’t worry…1047 The Point will help you!

The following guide gives you details on what you should search for, what to avoid and which psychic is genuine enough for contact.

Read on to discover:

  • Tips to receive real psychic readings.
  • Psychic sites offering 100% free psychic chat or one absolutely free question no payment.
  • The best online psychics – Via the chat room service, you can interact with any psychic before getting a private session. These networks provide whatever you feel comfortable with, from live chat readings, phone readings to the absolutely free psychic reading by email.
  • Psychic pricing – This information is necessary for those having questions about what to expect up front as well as seeking out low-cost psychics to speak with.
  • The pros and cons of each network.
  • Profound reviews of 5 highest-rated psychic networks.

Time to get started!

What Should You Know to Avoid Psychic Scams?

Your Guide to be Aware of Psychic Scams Checking out a guide to be aware of psychic scams is neccesary.

Finding the best psychic for an accurate reading is always top the truth seekers’ have-to-do list. I’ve earned a lot of experiences with all kinds of readings, through trial and error. Now I can confidently spot a fake psychic and which websites hiring truly legitimate, authentic readers.

Want to know the best part?

A Few Tips on How to Detect Scams, Rip-offs and Psychic Frauds

Tip #1

– The “curse scam” is probably the oldest and most common scam.Never believe a psychic telling that you are cursed. Why? Because there is no such things as curses in the psychic realm! If they ask you for additional money to get rid of the curse, 99% you are dealing with a fraud.

Tip #2

– When trying to look for a free psychic reading online no fee, psychics’ reputation and reviews are two important things you should consider before making a call.A psychic website with eye-catching appearance can say nothing about its reading quality. You shouldn’t visit places filled with past customers’ negative reviews.

Tip #3

– Avoid psychic companies that have no screening process. Surprised? It’s true that still several networks hiring psychic readers without testing their abilities. I recommend you NOT to use any service at those places unless you want bad readings.

How to Get Absolutely Psychic Readings with NO Scam?

Like any psychic reading review, my purpose through this 1047 The Point guide is to ensure you not to be scammed. How can you determine which one has a great reputation among lots of fraudulent websites out there? When visiting any network, you should check the terms and refund policies there. Additionally, it’s also necessary to know their solutions in dealing with issues in the past.

It does not mean you will meet fortune telling frauds or have bad readings whenever entering a psychic site. However, prevention is better than cure. You must have relative knowledge of this aspect to prevent getting ripped off by fake readers. Of course, the most possible solution is to stick to sites that have the great reputation.

If any network have the discount policy for first-time customers, don’t miss out opportunities using those special deals. Totally free, you can see how accurate your chosen psychic is before paying more credits for advanced readings.

You will be safe if connecting to the psychic sites in the list below. The networks I choose to reviewhere are the most respected, renowned and trustworthy. Pick out a site from this review (the one thatmeets your intuition)andget ready for the very first legit reading no fee.

How to Find an Accurate Psychic?

I already gave the rating for each network based on my experience. This way, you can realize which is the best of the best easily in just a glance. Nevertheless, your intuitive feelings toward a particular psychic is also essential.

Does your chosen reader give off a good vibe and seem to be legitimate?

Or, is he (she) just outrageously bombastic?

In addition, it’s important to test their psychic abilities. You have at least 3 minutes free to connect with different psychic advisors. Ask them few things and see if they are able to tune in to the answer you desire to know.

By doing so, getting an insightful reading is no longer a difficulty.

For example:

  • If you long for answers about your love life, romantic relationships and any heart matter, all you have to do is talking to a love psychic.
  • If you want answers regarding career, money or finances, then contact with a psychic with rich experience in solving employment issues.
  • If you seek clarity through a Tarot reading, connect with a psychic specializing in interpreting Tarot cards.
Receiving a psychic reading no cost from legit psychics online is not as easy as you thought. Yet, you will find yourself a good psychic once following the 1047 The Point’s complete guide.

Reviews of 5 Top-rated Psychic Online Networks 2018

Since there are more than five psychic networks and communities out there, choose a place providing best psychic readings by phone can be hard to many people. To make everything easy for you, I did eliminate all the sites that you should NOT notice. On this list, I mention the best five psychic companies where can help you connect to the right psychic reader.


We gain a deeper understanding into top 5 psychic hotlines and take into account of each one’s pros and cons.


OranumJoin in Oranum for a clear vision of your life
Psychics available10
Customer service9.9
Psychics screening process9.0

If you ask 1047 The Point where provides the best free online psychic reading, the recommendation would be Oranum. This spiritual network mainly gives absolutely free
readings by chat and email. Visiting Oranum, you will find many renowned, legitimate psychics, clairvoyants and spiritual advisors gathered from all over the world.

Oranum is a relatively new psychic site in the United States. However, in fact, they have been in operation for over 5 years when their headquarters firstly was in Poland. This place offers a lot of features that make it unique from other networks. There are chat readings, email readings and even webcam readings.

More like a social networking site, Oranum also provides free chat as well as readings by mail no fee. This way gives you enough time to determine whether you’ve picked the right psychic before purchasing the private session. The pricing there varies greatly as it depends on the rate an individual reader chooses to charge. Communicating with Oranum best psychics will cost much money.

How to Get Free Psychic Chat at Oranum?

For a free session, firstly you need to sign up for a free account. Then, visit any psychic chat room and you’ll see the Free Chat button. Pick the psychic you feel most suitable with to start your free chat reading.

Even though the main purpose of this service is to let you test how a certain psychic works, you are free when it comes to asking questions. The seer won’t mind giving you the answer for specific matters.

To get the best from a 100% free physic reading online, you are suggested to check Oranum psychics’ profiles and reviews carefully. Give it a try now!

In the Oranum network, you can gain guidance from a variety of readings, including love relationships, astrology, Tarot, healing, and a lot more.

Free Readings and Special Deals of Oranum for New Customers

Want a reading immediately yet still afraid of paying full price?

For any new visitor coming to Oranum, this network offers a free 10-minute reading. You can make connection with psychics without paying a penny. Simply register a new account and you’ll get $9.99 in FREE credits (available for only new members).

Despite free unlimited chat, you need to spend a little money for an actual reading as well as real answers. The price of a private session depends on the psychic and your chosen type of service.

  • Oranum operates more like a spiritual community
  • Oranum offers a broad spectrum of services
  • For a no-risk option, Oranum offers free chat reading, helping you find out which psychic is a good fit for you
  • Oranum psychic advisors must undergo the strict testing before working at this network
  • Oranum features the video call to assure that you are communicating with the real psychic
  • Oranum has the email support available 24 hours per day
  • Oranum gives you free credits after the registration
  • At Oranum, customers will gain answers and deeper knowledge for questions frequently asked
  • Oranum has no phone reading option
  • Pricing details do not display on the homepage
  • Oranum requires you to create a profile before using the service
  • Anyone can offer their service at Oranum; this could cause several issues like psychic scams
  • The customer service is poor
  • Oranum screening process is not as good as AskNow and Psychic Source; thus, it may hard to find an honest reader
  • Oranum does not provide the replacement during a live chat reading when you have an issue
  • Oranum seems to be not professional compared to other psychic networks

This is crazy:

Before it goes live, the premium content will be screened thoroughly by Oranum. In order to deliver customers the best insight, Oranum psychics give strong emphasis on the quality service.

I really enjoy Oranum’s technology; they have a good method in selecting qualified psychics. No telephone reading, but you can gain an experience through chat readings, email readings and webcam readings. The FREE chat with a psychic there is helpful because you can evaluate how authentic a psychic is before making a purchase.

Oranum psychic screening process could be better if having higher improvement. The customer service is fairly acceptable. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Oranum should have telephone support number which is essential.


AskNow PsychicsUnlock the answer you’ve longed for with AskNow
AskNow Psychics
Psychics available10
Customer service9.7
Psychics screening process10

According to 1047 The Point, AskNow is considered as the second oldest psychic reading service. Started since 1995, this network has been in business over 20 years and served thousands of clients. Great to know that AskNow is the very first psychic site offering online readings.

Make a visit to AskNow and you can easily connect with the best psychics across the country at any time. There are two options available at the AskNow network – live psychic readings over the phone and online psychic chat readings.

If you look for an absolutely free psychic reading no credit card required by phone, just make a call to get connected immediately. On the other hand, you can visit AskNow website and go with someone that you are strongly drawn into among various psychic profiles. The psychic profile including past customers’ reviews helps you gain greater understanding into a certain reader’s ability and experience.

AskNow offers a vast array of different types of readings, such as love readings, past life readings, soul connections, dream interpretation, as well as love and romance guidance counseling. Also, you can get the 100% free answer to separate questions related to love, career, true purpose in life and a lot more via online psychic chat with the most gifted psychic advisors there.

Free Readings and Special Deals of AskNow for New Customers

AskNow offers various free packages (only for newcomers), which makes everything much easier before paying for the full-length reading. Try all and you will satisfy for sure. You’ll have 5 totally free minutes in each package; the minutes afterward can be purchased at a discounted rate.

When you first sign up for the live chat option, you need to pay only $1 per min. or just $10 for a 15-minute reading.

You will be, in addition, given introductory services like a one-card Tarot reading no fee, free email reading, free horoscope reading no payment, and one psychic question free.

The price at AskNow ranges depending on the psychic experts’ experience. As a matter of fact, you have to pay more if receiving the guidance from the most authentic psychics.

For more details:

  • Psychic Source offers excellent customer service, accurate psychics and affordable prices
  • Psychic Source is the oldest psychic network online, which means they have great experience
  • Psychic Source has the screening & testing process to the psychic team
  • Psychic Source provides useful articles and videos for more information
  • Psychic Source’s newsletter by mail helps you keep track of psychics’ special discounts, coupons, promotions, etc.
  • Psychic Source gives customers gift cards every time visit
  • AskNow gains strong reputation with the 20-year experienced business
  • AskNow offers the most professional love psychics among all psychic networks
  • AskNow provides readings available in two languages – English and Spanish
  • AskNow has 100% satisfaction guarantee on all readings, with a commitment to quality and accuracy
  • Psychic Source’s newsletter by mail helps you keep track of psychics’ special discounts, coupons, promotions, etc.
  • AskNow allows you to use your purchased minutes anytime
  • AskNow psychics are screened and tested thoroughly, and have detailed profiles
  • AskNow service is available 24/7
  • AskNow offers plenty of interesting articles and videos regarding spiritual topics and concerns
  • AskNow gives you free daily horoscope reading by mail
  • AskNow is a really popular network; thus, it’s hardly for you to contact with your favorite psychic as they might be busy with other clients as well
  • The screening process at AskNow could be a lot better
  • After 30 days, the free minutes included in your New Member package will get expired

The customer support of AskNow is fast and convenient. You will also find several advanced features there, like the call back feature – customers can leave ratings and reviews for the service on the phone.


KasambaLet Kasamba guide you to love and happiness
Psychics available10
Customer service9.5
Psychics screening process9.0

Founded in 1995, Kasamba was previously known as Live Person. At first, it is a place where individuals over the world visit for the experts’ advice on a variety of subjects including finances, law and psychics. After a very huge change, Kasamba was re-established as an official psychic network till to date.

At Kasamba, you can interact with psychics of many different areas, such as numerology, astrology, Tarot readings, dream interpretation, love romance and relationships, fortune telling and more. In addition, this place is your top pick when it comes to obscure services like pet psychic readings, real Kabbalah readings, etc.

What I really like about the Kasamba network is – psychics offer the email option with their readings. Or may I say that readings by mail are the strong point of this place. If you seek out insightful divine guidance via email, I sincerely advise Kasamba. Generally, customers can experience sacred sessions through three different methods of communication: live chat, telephone and email.

Free Readings and Special Deals of Kasamba for New Customers

What are special treatments you’ll get as a newbie of Kasamba?

Currently, Kasamba offers you 3 minutes completely free for all live sessions, giving you the occasion to get to know the psychic advisors and feel comfortable with the atmosphere before purchasing the full reading. Also, only for newcomers, Kasamba psychics will give 50% discount in the first reading.

In sum, your first 3 minutes are free of charge; afterward, the rate starts with $1.99 per min. Such a fantastic deal, compared to other networks.

Pricing at Kasamba varies depending on skills and abilities of each psychic. If you want the most accurate reading from the best psychics, obviously you have to pay more. Some charge pretty high for their service – $19.99 per min.

Kasamba does not apply the fixed session prices.

What Makes Kasamba Unique?

There are a lot of features only finding at Kasamba, making it notable from other networks. Below, 1047 The Point listed a few interesting ones:

  • Options for connection – You can pick the most comfortable way (chat, phone, email readings and only Q&A) to get connected with the psychic advisor.
  • Paypal – Kasamba accepts Paypal and credit cards
  • Presto Chat – No more waiting, now you will receive quick answers via real-time text displays
  • Online Chat Transcripts – This feature helps you save the transcript for your previous reading, which you can read later
  • Kasamba has been in the business for 22 years as one of the leading psychic networks
  • Kasamba has the vast selection of psychics available
  • Kasamba provides various options of contact – not many psychic networks offer the email option
  • Kasamba also offers numerous different types of readings
  • Kasamba often gives customers free readings as well as discounts
  • Kasamba pricing rates are fairly reasonable
  • Kasamba has 50% satisfaction guarantee on the first reading
  • Articles on Kasamba blog are mainly written by psychics there, helping you get to know them better
  • Kasamba has a minimal screening process
  • There is no webcam readings and phone support
  • The website interface is very simple, which sometimes can be a hindrance for users
  • Some psychic readings at Kasamba cost much – over $10 per min.
  • Most psychics are only available for live chat readings
  • Kasamba does not have the greatest reputation, meaning a number of previous customers weren’t satisfied with the service there

The screening process of Kasamba is not really good. That means anyone can become a Kasamba advisor after a simple signing up process. Hence, to avoid scams, be more cautious when deciding to use the service there. Before spending your money, you must read reviews of potential psychics thoroughly. It is very necessary to see their working experience and how long they have been an active psychic at Kasamba as well.


LifereaderGet powerful insights from LIFEREADER advisors
Psychics available9.8
Customer service9.6
Psychics screening process9.8

Have you heard about the LifeReader psychic network before?

If compared to Psychic Source or AskNow, it is not that extremely popular. However, LifeReader is pretty well known in such countries like Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia.

Great news is – the company has recently started presenting their psychic service to the United States. This is one of psychic websites coming with incredible deals and special introductory offers on spiritual readings.

The selection of psychics at LifeReader is pretty good. Although receiving a large amount of applications, the staff there only focuses on the ones assuring to give accurate, honest readings. Instead of making a quick buck, LifeReader makes sure each of their customers will gain the most insightful reading experience after leaving there.

The quality of psychics is likely to be above par, in general.

In order to know if a psychic is potential or not, LifeReader prepares a serious, strict screening process. During the hiring process, the applicants must go through all test readings successfully and prove their criminal background. This will surely separate the experienced advisors and scam artists.

Only the best gets accepted!

By serving trustworthy, legitimate services, LifeReader has achieved a very loyal customer base since the webpage was established in 2008. With 10 years in business, they provide the 24/7 customer service by phone.

In case you are new to this site, check out the list of FAQs answered by the staff there.

Free Readings and Special Deals for New Customers

At this moment, there are several incredible promotions introduced at LifeReader:

  • SAVE $20 – Deposit $30 credit and get $50
  • SAVE $30 – Deposit $40 credit and get $70
  • SAVE $40 – Deposit $50 credit and get $90

This offer is only available for NEW customers!

Not yet, with a first time phone reading in 10 minutes, you just need to pay a very low introductory price – about $0.19 per min. This amazing deal can be applied in every time you encounter a new psychic.

Prefer the live chat reading service more?

No need to worry; the LifeReader psychic will give you 3 minutes free with one purchased reading.

Is there any offer for regular clients?

In March 2018, you will get the chance to receive a 4 minute psychic chat reading online for absolutely free with every divine reader. Also, get ready to make the first call with a very special rate: just $0.19 per min.

How to choose a reliable LifeReader psychic?

Despite having the filter function, the filtering search engine still has limitation. Certainly, you can only sort them by the price, star rating and latest date joining in the site.

The thing is; a profile for each individual psychic has more than that. Read the expert bio carefully and you’ll find in-depth information about them. Besides trusting your intuition, you need to read the feedback from other customers about a particular advisor to make sure your choice is right.

The highlights at LifeReader:
  • Preparing the extensive psychic screening process before hiring
  • Having the custom automatic refill parameter to avoid the interruption during psychic readings
  • Allowing the clients to schedule calls in advance
  • LifeReader has almost 10 years in the psychic reading industry (since 2008)
  • LifeReader comes with detailed expert bios assisting the clients in selecting the best advisor
  • LifeReader offers a lot of communication means, such as phone, chat, and email
  • LifeReader promotes the introductory offer – a full 10 minute reading with only $0.19/min.
  • LifeReader requires all psychics to pass the rigorous screening process before working there
  • No guarantee satisfaction, meaning you won’t get the refund if unhappy with the service
  • The reading’s rates are generally higher than other psychic networks

Once deciding to use LifeReader, please note that you have to pay a little more if comparing to some other psychic sites. Yet, feel rest-assured about the psychics’ quality – those who you make the contact through this network has been screened and tested thoroughly for the accuracy of their psychic abilities.

Well, I think it’s worth paying a bit more, sometimes.

In case you approach the psychic realm for guidance on a serious problem, free readings actually give you nothing. A full charged spiritual session will be definitely different from free minute readings for fun.

By far, LifeReader is the only network offering the best reading rates for new members. Therefore, if you are looking for the psychic advice with less than $10, simply make your visit to this psychic site.

The website overall is easy to navigate, plus the registration process is quite simple.

Sign up from today and get a chance receiving a FREE horoscope reading of your zodiac sign on a regular basis.


Keen PsychicsGet powerful insights from KEEN advisors
Keen Psychics
Psychics available10
Customer service8.8
Psychics screening process8.0

What is KEEN? Founded in 1999, KEEN is by far the largest psychic network – this place has a huge selection of psychics available. Access Keen.com and you can gain both clarity and insight into your questions, problems and beyond via various different types of psychic readings. To date, it is estimated that psychics there have handled over 35 million conversations to support customers’ need.

Unlike other psychic sites, there is no screening process at KEEN, since this is a network of independent advisors. Currently, you can find nearly 1,700 psychics available 24/7/365 there for an accurate and honest reading.

As per 1047 The Point, KEEN psychics deliver readings through three common options – telephone, online chat and email. The quality of these options is quite standard; however, some spiritual advisors even offer webcam chat readings no charge.

The Keen.com network provides a wide range of psychic readings to choose from, from love and relationships, Tarot and Cartomancy to past life, spiritual and life questions. All the services are fairly basic, but what psychics convey is profound and comprehensive.

What I like most about KEEN is their Tarot reading service. The guidance is so genuine and empowering making me surprised by how accurate it was. In sum, psychic advisors’ level of thoroughness shines through in Tarot readings by phone.

Free Readings and Special Deals of KEEN for New Customers

If this is your first time visit KEEN, below are two amazing special promos there you should get to know:

  • For newbies, you will receive 3 minutes absolutely free with any psychic after creating an account and validating the credit card
  • Or, you’ll get a 10-minute reading for only $1.99

Keen psychics, after your first 3 minutes end, will charge the afterward minutes for $1.50 per min. Once feel unsatisfied with the service, KEEN has the 100% satisfaction guarantee that will give you a refund up to $25.

Like other networks, a talk with highly skilled experts at KEEN costs you much. From what I know, the best psychics there charge over $10 per min. for a reading.

Personally, I think you can a genuine, accurate, gifted psychic advisor for a less price.

Guess what more you can achieve from KEEN?
  • Daily horoscopes – With no payment, you are still able to get free daily, monthly and yearly horoscope forecasts via email. Professional astrologers will give you detailed info on all zodiac signs.
  • Incredible Tarot readers – KEEN is a home of lots of experienced Tarot card readers specializing in certain kinds of readings.
  • Safe and secure transactions – Do not worry about the security when visiting KEEN. This network uses strong encryption that can keep your data and transactions protected.
  • KEEN has the enormous selection of psychic experts with a vast array of abilities
  • Started since 1999, KEEN has been in the business over 15 years and gives off a legitimate vibe
  • KEEN psychics are available 24/7
  • KEEN offers 3 first free minutes, a reading for 10 minutes with $1.99, and daily horoscopes
  • KEEN blog updates many interesting articles, giving you deeper knowledge about spirituality-related topics
  • KEEN has 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Reviews of KEEN spiritualists help customers choose a good advisor
  • Top priority at KEEN is privacy
  • KEEN does not have the screening process; it means anyone can offer their service there whether or not being gifted
  • Although you will get a refund of $25 in credits, KEEN only allows you to file one complaint per month
  • You will not receive the refund if the problem is not with psychic readers
  • When it comes to choosing a particular reading category, you will often find it hard to connect to relevant psychics
  • Some readings are pretty expensive – starting with $12.99 per min.
  • KEEN does not offer the personal connection with anonymous conversations

Shortly, if you look for a network providing a large psychic selection and great special deals, then Keen.com is the ultimate choice. Despite no screening process for advisors there, KEEN customer support can guarantee you to get connected to real psychics for accuracy. The service is overall quick and professional, plus KEEN website adds a lot of amazing, convenient features. Don’t be afraid as KEEN is a fantastic place for enlightening and real free psychic readings with quality psychic advisors.

Good Questions for a Completely Free Psychic Reading

What kind of questions you can ask the psychic to get the most from your reading session? Basically, you are allowed to ask an online psychic anything, primarily regarding your own life and issues. Sometimes you can ask about people sharing close connection with you including your family, children, life partner and friends.

However, if you want the answer about the global nature, a psychic can’t help you.

For example, never ask such questions in a psychic reading:

  • Is world peace possible?
  • What will happen in the next election?
Giving Questions Tips for a Good Reading Quick tips on how to ask the right questions for a good reading.

Keep in mind that the reading is a sacred session in which you and the psychic will get connected together through the energy of you two, not the rest of the world. Once your psychic tunes in to your energy, they can help you contact with your higher self, guardians, spiritual guides and angels from the spirit world.

In the following, 1047 The Point gives you a list of sample questions that you can ask:

  • Will I get a good job in the next six months?
  • What is holding me back when it comes to my __ (career, love, etc.)?
  • Will I have success with my current career?
  • During the next year, what can I expect from my life?
  • What is going on with my daughter and her partner?
  • Will I ever marry and who will it be?
  • How does my love interest actually think about me?

From my experience, the questions that a psychic frequently receives from customers are mostly about love romance, career and finances. Yet, still few individuals are curious about their departed loved ones, pets or other bizarre things. Before a reading, it is very important to prepare some questions that you really look for the answer. You have no time to think thoroughly once connected to a psychic.

The whole process needs to flow as smooth as a conversation. Your questions can help to determine how spot-on and accurate a psychic is, believe or not.

A Look at Online Psychic Readings

So, what is a psychic reading online?

It is a service available on the Internet and can be done via a wide range of different communication methods such as online chat, webcam, phone or email. This service allows you to reach out to a psychic or an individual gifted with incredible spiritual power to get the answer regarding a variety of topics, from love romance, career and health to spiritual issues.

Thanks to online psychic readings, you don’t need to go to the local fortune telling shops or have face-to-face conversations with the spiritualist. Nowadays, with just a click, you can gain the deepest clarity comfortably at home.

What Should You Do for a Totally Free Psychic Reading?

Once accessing a psychic network, you’re advised to read the profile of every psychic there. It includes their biography, work experience, and videos in which they speak about themselves, their abilities and so on. The information provided by psychics is actually a beneficial feature for each client.

In addition, checking every video of the spiritual advisor that you feel most drawn to will give you the idea of how comfortable they are with their gift.

Besides, don’t skip out the reviews on the readings of their clients. What they commented plays a crucially part in deciding whether you should pay for a reading later.

How Frequently Should You Go for a Psychic Reading?

Ask yourself, “When is the moment you need the psychic advice the most?

People often come to see a psychic for the guidance in life when they are unwilling to face the merciless reality or feeling desperate, claims 1047 The Point. There can be times when you are mentally insecure and anxious – only the spiritual reading can assist you in learning about your inner self as well as handling the truth.

Giving Questions Tips for a Good Reading Deeper talks with psychics will change your life better.

It gets better or worse:

Psychic readings only give you what you need, not what you want. So if you go for a psychic reading just to hear good things, then even the most accurate online spiritualist can’t help you.

Remember, the answer to all your questions primarily depends on your circumstances.

Sometimes several situations suddenly occur, and you probably want to get objective viewpoints or personal opinions of a profound individual.

Well, it’s not good if you rely too much on psychics. They may be insightful, but it doesn’t mean you have to count on their answer to every concern in your life. I think, contacting a psychic once per week (or once per month) is reasonable.

Only if you accept the reality of the matter, a real psychic’s honest answers will make your life better.

Phone Readings or Online Chat

Between these two types of readings, which one is best for you?

Are you curious about where is your life heading? Wondering what the future is holding for you? Feeling confused about your current love relationship? Not certain about the time to change your job? If you say “yes” to all these questions, you are suggested to visit a psychic for a reading.

These days, lots of people contact online psychic counselors for all kinds of reasons. The problem is, if this is your first time, and you have no experience related to psychic readings, looking for a good reading on the Internet can be difficult.

In order to get a psychic reading, there are several ways to choose from. Amongst, two common methods available 24/7 are the chat readings online and psychic readings via telephone. Actually, there is no “best” way – it’s your personal preference deciding whether or not it is the best.

Before paying for the service, you should understand how psychic readings work as well as how a psychic can help you. By that, you can easily pick the method that absolutely suits you and will achieve the most from a reading.


Giving Questions Tips for a Good Reading Phone readings give you chances to approach your authentic self.

This is one of the most popular ways to contact with a psychic. With a simple call, you can get a psychic reading whenever you want and wherever you may be. At the present time, just ‘google’ and you will see – numerous psychic websites and psychics working independently offer this reading service by phone.

What you need to do to get a phone reading? First and foremost, you should select an authentic reader. Visit psychics’ profile pages uploading publicly and read everything thoroughly. Once you find one, the next step is to call your chosen psychic.

There are several types of payment methods. If you want to purchase readings from a company or a particular psychic, you have to sign up with the site, consider pricing rates carefully and make the payment beforehand with the most appropriate service.

All top-rated psychic networks, mostly, have the 100% satisfaction guarantee, so no need to worry. You’ll get the refund if not pleased with the offered reading.

  • You can get connected with a psychic immediately wherever you are (at home, in office or even outside)
  • There are a lot of phone psychics offering accurate readings, which means you have an enormous selection of psychics to make a choice
  • Readings by phone are much more convenient than face-to-face readings
  • While finding a legitimate reader, you can easily fall into traps of fraud psychics
  • This service does not accept cash – you have to pay by credit card or other online payment methods

In sum, the biggest advantage of readings by phone is that you can talk to a psychic quickly and easily. Due to lack of face-to-face communication, some seem to be skeptical about the accuracy and quality of phone readings. However, a truly gifted psychic is able to tune in the customer’s energy while delivering a live phone reading. Many find it pretty comfortable interacting with the psychic expert without leaving their home.


Get Honest Insight with Online Chat ReadingsOnline chat readings can help you get insights into your future.

According to 1047 The Point, chat readings online work in two common ways:

  • You can connect to a psychic via the chat room, in which you normally type instant messages.
  • You will have a face-to-face session via webcam

Some psychic networks like Oranum have the webcam support. This feature lets you see active psychics working at their own home. You don’t have to show up on the webcam to receive the reading. For any individual that does not have a webcam or feels uncomfortable using it, the live chat service is the best option.

Totally different from the classic face-to-face reading, the two-way video chat session is also seen as a higher level of phone readings. Customers can see and interact with any psychic they feel drawn into. On the other hand, readers are able to tune in to their clients in a more effective way, helping them convey accurate, enlightening readings.

What’s the bottom line?

The only issue that can happen to a free psychic love reading online chat is about the Internet connection. If the connection has any problem or interruption, you are unable to use the service when needed, which could be very frustrating.

Besides, if a psychic is slow in typing, they will have a difficulty in giving enough information to customers. Some express their disappointment when their psychics are not-so-good typist. It’s not worth paying a relatively high amount of money for the poor service.

  • The online chat transcript will help you save the whole info of your previous chat session so that you can later read it again
  • Chat readings are more discreet and easier to use than other types of readings
  • The two-way video chat allows you and your psychic to make face-to-face conversations indirectly
  • Poor Internet connection causes many problems. You have to pay extra money if the psychic website charges fees per min., for example
  • You are unable to gain the best from a reading if talking to a psychic who is also a poor typist


When deciding to get the assistance from the online psychic reading service, there are certain things you should consider thoughtfully. For a successful and empowering experience, understanding what you truly need as well as what you should expect is very significant.

The first step in making a positive change to your life is to respect yourself. Also, never take your spiritual life lightly and frivolously. A careful plan and detailed research are one of prior things you have to do before going for a psychic reading.

Most importantly, you must choose the type of reading that can give you quality answers to questions, situations or problems that matter you the most.

You might be wondering:

Were you once a victim of psychic scams? I have to admit that still plenty of charlatans out there today. They are bad individuals preying on people who are desperate in hope or trying to run away from the truth just for money. Nevertheless, by accessing the top 5 networks in this guide, you can connect with numerous trustworthy psychics online who do consider your issues at heart.

When finding a psychic or medium online, 1047 The Point advises you to hold a fairly high standard. Not only in your local community, but now you have a massive selection of spiritual experts from all around the world to make a selection. Interact with as many online readers as you can and read their profiles including customers’ reviews; then, take the one that meet your standards to a private session.

But here’s the kicker:

For sure, the online psychic reading is an interesting, intuitively spiritual, perceptive and life-changing experience. Before getting that experience, you must have the wisdom and time to make precise, right research. In general, psychic readings brings a lot benefits helping you discover your true self and find your life purpose.

Don’t be afraid to share your experience with 1047 The Point. So, which among the sites mentioned here you decide to try out? Comment below to let us know!

Why do I encourage you to share your experience? I love to read your own opinions and thoughts about this topic. If you have any confusion or problem, I will figure out anything related (if possible) to support you. I will never provide the information of the sites giving our visitors unremarkable reading experiences

Right now, if having any question, please make a contact here.

Wish you all the best!

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    • Hi, Alyssa

      I think you should spend time visiting a well-trusted psychic online to solve the issue confusing you. May you take a look at the list of psychic network I recommended from above. Hope you soon get the needed answer!

      Best regards!

    • Hi Joseph,

      How did you know she device you? I think communication is necessary in this case. Ask her out and directly talk about your confusion; at the same time, tell her you need an honest explanation. Every problem is built up from many mistakes, so don’t jump to the conclusion, ok?

      Best regards!

    • Hi Julijana,

      You know, I always tell myself as well as others “stop worrying” or “stop thinking” about the future; however, it is always easier when saying. Actually, the future is uncertain thus I don’t really have any specific advice for you. Maybe you can get the assistance from online psychics for this curiosity. But, most importantly, always be positive!



    • I do love you, Fred! The truth is we were born with psychic abilities, so it’s totally normal if you feel drawn into the spirit realm. There are many articles about developing the psychic power with meditation…I suggest you reading those for deeper knowledge if you want to.


    • Hi, Rixann

      May I know more about your situation? If you are going to a docket appearance, conference, or date assignment conference, then you should ask for all the information that is relevant to the case. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Write down notes so that you do not forget to tell the judge. Do not wait until your matter is already scheduled for a hearing or trial to ask for more info. It may be too late to get the info by that time.

      Hope things better to you!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      If you and him are fated to be together, nothing can tear you two apart. Take this period as a challenge that you should get through if you wish a long-lasting relationship. Maybe an in-depth talk with a psychic will give you more insights!

      Best regards!

    • Hi Jacquelyn,

      It’s better to ask these questions with a genuine love psychic. I bet they will come up with insighful advice that will lead you to a much happier relationship.


  3. New to this and seeking any guidance. The last year has been the hardest year of my life. Learning how to be single at 31 years old, after finally leaving over a decade of emotional abuse, manipulation and lies. Also have lost contact with all of my friends. Honestly can go a whole day without speaking more than a sentence to another human being, and not by choice. Also lost my job in the middle of all of this, and now struggle with anxiety which is not helping the no job no friend situation. seeking any kind of advice or good news of this ending soon possibly.
    Thank you,

    One hot mess

    • Hi Tessa,

      Well truthfully there are obstacles blocking your way to peace and happiness. I advise you to visit Oranum and ask the psychic to give you an insight into your relationships generally. Click the “chat for free now” button and get your answer!

      Best regards!

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